Belief Tradition and Ritual

Hikari kindly asked me to her home in Nara, an old town, to meet her family.  She took me to visit the Temples and Shrines. It is popular for the many deer roaming. We had a tea ceremony by the Temple where they hold a Fire Ceremony. Families take their children to the Shrine aged 3 & 5 for boys, girls 3 & 7, to give thanks and pray for their future.   Lunch was at a traditional tatami (mats) restaurant.  Exquisite green rice soup, sashimi, smoked fish, pickles and jellies. The sushi was wrapped in a persimmon leaf. The fruit is ready now like our apples.

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2 thoughts on “Belief Tradition and Ritual

  1. Hello Mandy.. its a stunning place isnt it..Steve & i went there in 2010 and found it completely amazing. I hope that all is good with you & Yours x


    • Hi Tina and Steve. It was a fantastically interesting place. I am prepping for the paintings at the moment. So much inspiration.
      Hope alls well with you Sending my best xx


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