Well hello its 2021… this is my walk from home at the time being…walking amongst trees reminds of a project I was involved in. Shelley Sacks’ Project “University of the Trees” in 2007. Shelley was a Professor at Oxford Brookes. She works on interdisciplinary social sculpture projects and studied alongside Joseph Beuys.

I used this social sculpture process within my community projects over the last 10 years. More investigation is needed on the Earth Forum Initiative. I am finding looking back at previous work is helping to focus on the future.

Freshwater Influence

Home. Evening Walk along the River Dee to the corner of the Peninsula. Views across Liverpool Bay. Silhouette of Hilbre Islands with the Point of Ayr and Snowdonia Range in the light of the setting sun. In oceanography terms this estuary is a Region of Freshwater Influence……..water, fresh, salt, heat, tide and shelf….