Devon Open Studios 2018

Delighted to be receiving “An emerging Artist Bursary ” and “The Joanna Radford Award” from Devon Artist Network.  Thank you DAN and nice photo by Natacha Du Pont De Bie.

Dates for the Diary. Saturday 8th September until Sunday 23rd September.

More details to follow…… and work to be done.


Nye Venner

So whose a lucky girl, when Dartmoor National Park received an email from 8 Norwegian men from Tromso enquiring about mud racing, skydiving, cricket and landscape painting among other English pastimes, …..ah send that to Amanda.

What a fantastic day we had, a Grand Day In, as the wind and rain on north Dartmoor was 48 mph! We painted, walked, explored Gidleigh, laughed a lot, shared a traditional Norwegian lunch together and painted some more, we even had an exhibition. It was all filmed, so my 15 minutes of fame will be in Tromso.  What good sports they were.

1 moon 3 circles

Dartmoor November 13 eve of the Beaver Supermoon. Low Sun. Long shadows. Ice in puddles. Grey Wethers two stone circles. Sittaford Tor. southwest to newly unearthed Third Stone Circle.  The flint core knapped by a local up to 4,000 years ago.  They awaited the same moon…..



Sans Titre

An unexpected find, paint…a gallery in the French Alps at 1850m. A small colourful Sam Francis, I thought Twombly at first. Like a writer with a book or a composer with music, I deconstruct how it has been put together and then reconstruct the action of the marks, the layers and choice of colour, I step forward and back enjoying moments  and the whole.  It’s a language.

It takes me back to a previous adventure to Bratislava with artist Jenny Smy. A Francis retrospective on an island the shape of a ship in the middle of the River Danube. It took a train from Prague, Local bus, long hot walk and a chance taxi to get there. We had the place to ourselves, what fun.  THE DANUBIANA.