Harvest Moon. Equinox. Alchemy. Preparing Making Thinking Creating Storing. Marrow & Ginger. Bramble Jelly. Tomato & Apple. Aubergine & Date. Strawberry.  Boletus edulis & Wood Hedgehog………..Its Mabon!

Art in Nature

38 Degrees teams up with Campaign for National Parks

Celebrating 80 years of the Campaign for National Parks

What a great 80th Birthday party! Two Art in Nature Walks curated nationally by Richard Shilling with local artists facilitating.  We, on Dartmoor had a very creative day. I was aided by Land Artist & fellow art & ecologist, Linda Gordon from the North Coast of Devon.

The weather was excellent and views from the top of the moor to Plymouth Sound. Lovely people had signed up, especially the children. Lots of fun creating and laughs.

We were joined on Dartmoor by Gemma from Campaign for National Parks, Marq & Kareem from 38 Degrees, Official photographer Emily W-W & puppy husky, Leigh of BBC Spotlight & Cameraman sent by Alice @Wonderland. The Moorland Guides were busy with their walkers also. Add in the open day for National Parks Week at The Visitor Centre with rare breeds, white face sheep, dartmoor ponies etc.  It certainly was a busy day in Princetown!!

 Thank you to all the participants for their inspired work, but the gold star goes to Jennifer for the designing in dung. Move over Chris Ofili  you have been usurped!

And the crowd roared MORE please ……..




Dartmoor Palette #2

Out again on the Granite Elements Art Walks. The difference in colours in one month. Foxgloves are just finishing, heather and gorse appearing. Yellows of tormentil and bracken turning… Add in the colour of the wild bilberry. A warm breeze and a good 5 minute shower. More research in the bag. Thanks to all who came along.  Looking forward to the Autumn berry one!!

Fabric Woven and Patterned

Sunday afternoon, first rain. Found an exhibition on at Rokko Island not far from Kobe. This island has been made from reclaimed land, the area was badly hit after the Hanshin earthquake in 1995. So I headed out there.

Lovely little monorail over the bridge. Met a charming girl, aged 8, and her mum headed to the same place, so we spent the afternoon together criticing the costumes. Kimono are made with woven silk, silk crepe and later cottons. Part of the pinprick small pattern intricately tie dyed, called shibori and dye resist, yuzen.  Add painting on fabric also.

The Obi (Sash) is the waist band and tie at the back, much stiffer and highly decorated. The idea is have contrasting colours, in history up to 12 layers were worn. The accessories are little boxes tied to the waist and fans of course. The exhibition also had a display of European day dress to match the V&A, inc Cardin and Dior.

I did quick sketching, as no photos allowed, my young friend made me origami mock ups of the items I liked. Best 400 yen admission spent yet. (£2.20). So I treated myself to the catalogue.

I also visited a Kimono shop in Osaka. Top of the range. It is worn for weddings and formal occasions.  Stunning.

image image image image image image image imageimage

Osaka Festival Week

Returning to Osaka, Suyoko and her Community Festival colleagues were in full swing.  Su and Kanji run workshops, weaving, performing and singing with a group of people with special learning differences. Like the DOVE project in Ivybridge. They had had a particularly successful and enjoyable concert day. There was to be a parade of AWA dancing, so indeed I was presented with pair of hand dyed Tabi boots as I was in the lineup. Ha ha ha ha. Polly from England who has been living and working at the ARTS & CRAFTS VILLAGE link Okayama, and Rennie from Paris, studying in Otsu, join also. Splendid friendly community fun. Great dancers. I expect photos will come back to haunt me. …… Note footwear. Thank you Polly Staley for the photos and good luck with the new job in snowy Hokkaido.

image image image image image image image image image image