Headed North for hiking. Cinque Terre National Park (five villages) are above Pisa on west coast of Italy. Been on the wish list for a while.

There was snow on the mountains and lemons on the trees.

On route there were clouded yellow and orange tip butterflies. White heather. Yellow creeping oxalis. Euphorbia. Vine. Olive and a random plum.

What creative thinking time hiking in the sun.

Stepping into history this time. Marble. Gold. Paintings. Glass. Architecture. Caravaggio. Bernini. I was also delighted to see how many trees and green spaces were in the city.

I was sitting under Caesar’s statue when I glanced sideways. There’s your man. Turns out it was the same day in 44BC he didn’t make it to the bottom of those steps.

All going into the research bank.

Visiting different locations, countries, I take in exhibitions, fashion, context and history.  I use to live in Paris when I was a teenager so quite happy roving taking it all in. I sort of absorb and use a sketchbook for ideas. It will all come in use back in the studio. Research. .