My body is in Devon, my head has yet to catch up.  It’s a good word Home. What defines it? Familiarity family belonging?. Aune Head Arts held a Dartington Creative Summit couple of years ago The Home & The World. It brought together challenging and creative people to examine How do we find our place – our home? Richard  Povall has successfully got Arts & Ecologies back on the Dartington Estate.  Another meeting of minds will be at the symposium Language, Landscape and the Sublime next year.

In the meantime I go walking, my research is in the bag, I will share the process of developing ideas soon, but first I need to ground myself.  A visit to my own ancestors, I climb to Three Barrows Dartmoor behind my house. Sun and snow. No wonder the  Bronzeage (c. 2500 – 600BC) built the memorial cairns here, maybe earlier, a Neolithic barrow is nearby,  you can see the edge of our tiny island and its up with the gods. Home.


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