Osaka Festival Week

Returning to Osaka, Suyoko and her Community Festival colleagues were in full swing.  Su and Kanji run workshops, weaving, performing and singing with a group of people with special learning differences. Like the DOVE project in Ivybridge. They had had a particularly successful and enjoyable concert day. There was to be a parade of AWA dancing, so indeed I was presented with pair of hand dyed Tabi boots as I was in the lineup. Ha ha ha ha. Polly from England who has been living and working at the ARTS & CRAFTS VILLAGE link Okayama, and Rennie from Paris, studying in Otsu, join also. Splendid friendly community fun. Great dancers. I expect photos will come back to haunt me. …… Note footwear. Thank you Polly Staley for the photos and good luck with the new job in snowy Hokkaido.

image image image image image image image image image image

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