Fabric Woven and Patterned

Sunday afternoon, first rain. Found an exhibition on at Rokko Island not far from Kobe. This island has been made from reclaimed land, the area was badly hit after the Hanshin earthquake in 1995. So I headed out there.

Lovely little monorail over the bridge. Met a charming girl, aged 8, and her mum headed to the same place, so we spent the afternoon together criticing the costumes. Kimono are made with woven silk, silk crepe and later cottons. Part of the pinprick small pattern intricately tie dyed, called shibori and dye resist, yuzen.  Add painting on fabric also.

The Obi (Sash) is the waist band and tie at the back, much stiffer and highly decorated. The idea is have contrasting colours, in history up to 12 layers were worn. The accessories are little boxes tied to the waist and fans of course. The exhibition also had a display of European day dress to match the V&A, inc Cardin and Dior.

I did quick sketching, as no photos allowed, my young friend made me origami mock ups of the items I liked. Best 400 yen admission spent yet. (£2.20). So I treated myself to the catalogue.

I also visited a Kimono shop in Osaka. Top of the range. It is worn for weddings and formal occasions.  Stunning.

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